Edgbaston Church

Edgbaston Church approached me to help them establish a new visual identity for the church. I also helped roll this out across their website.

Edgbaston Church is based in Birmingham UK. The brief led to a design which respected the tradition and past of the church but also sought to establish them as a welcoming church to those local in the area. The delicate nature of the typography in the logo hints towards the historic craft and tradition associated with Birmingham and the famous jewellery quarter.

The church is known and talked about under various names, St Bartholomew's, St Barts, The Old Church...

We consolidated these names into Edgbaston Church, whilst still enabling all of the above names to still be used affectionately by those who go to and know the church. This meant in certain instances alternative names could be used in a playful way as demonstrated below with the children's work visuals.